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Author of THE TRADER OF SAIGON (2013) and THE ROAD TO RANGOON (September 2015). Published by Quercus.

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Author Q&A

Delighted to be featured on Anne Bonny Book Review’s blog this week, with her Author Q&A. Thanks for having me! You can read the interview and my guest post about the inspiration behind THE TRADER OF SAIGON, here. Bloggers are such great champions for fiction, spreading the word and supporting authors, and I’m always so happy to support them back too.


Drafts and redrafts

I got to leave the house today. Hooray!

I’ve been writing my socks off on Book 3 and making firm progress, so I went to London for lunch with my agent and his merciless red pen. He savaged the book, of course! Ripped it to tatters! But that’s what drafts are all about: working and reworking, finding flaws and unpicking them, tugging apart characters, plot and prose and then stitching everything back together to be more beautiful and powerful, and I can finally see the end as a speck on the horizon. It’s still a stretch away, but at least in sight.

The walk through London was grey and windy and more than a bit chilly, but I never tire of this wonderful view.

Happy New Year

Well hello there, grindstone. I remember you!

First day back at my desk and I’m on a mission to get this thing done! Very many thanks for your continued support in 2016 and Happy New Year, all. Here’s to hard work, happiness and lots of adventures in 2017.


Today Book 3 hit the 50,000 word mark – HOORAY! That’s 50,000 words I’m happy with (there’s three times as many on the cutting room floor) and since I’d been stuck in the damn 40s for what seemed like forever, this evening I’m feeling pretty pleased!

TRADER was 83,000 words and RANGOON was 118,000 so I’ve still got a way to go but writing a novel can be a long slog so it’s good to celebrate the little wins too.

Hope you’re all having a cracker of a week. I’m off to kick my boots through some autumn leaves! x


On digging out the best ideas

Where do ideas for novels come from? What is it that makes an idea great?

Hunting ideas can feel like hunting gemstones, but as my characters in The Road to Rangoon discover, life rarely throws up giant, perfect gems. Ideas are like rubies, imperfect and hidden but always waiting. They are brief flashes through the dirt and darkness, glimpses of fleeting, dazzling possibility. The trick is in noticing them, recognising their worth as they glitter momentarily, in teasing them out from the rubble of life and refining them, posing the questions that polish them to a shine.

Today I’m chatting to Women Writers about inspiration – a subject I’m often quizzed on by writers and readers alike. Morning!

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