Lucy Cruickshanks

Author of THE TRADER OF SAIGON (2013) and THE ROAD TO RANGOON (September 2015). Published by Quercus.

Month: November, 2015

Candis magazine’s Book of the Month

“Gripping and thought-provoking”

Pleased as festive punch that THE ROAD TO RANGOON has been chosen for Candis magazine’s Book of the Month. Hooray! Also just clapped eyes on the new cover for the paperback edition, coming in February. It’s been a good day! Hope you’ve had a good one too…



On digging out the best ideas

Where do ideas for novels come from? What is it that makes an idea great?

Hunting ideas can feel like hunting gemstones, but as my characters in The Road to Rangoon discover, life rarely throws up giant, perfect gems. Ideas are like rubies, imperfect and hidden but always waiting. They are brief flashes through the dirt and darkness, glimpses of fleeting, dazzling possibility. The trick is in noticing them, recognising their worth as they glitter momentarily, in teasing them out from the rubble of life and refining them, posing the questions that polish them to a shine.

Today I’m chatting to Women Writers about inspiration – a subject I’m often quizzed on by writers and readers alike. Morning!

Ratnapura.005gravel-sorting-for-gems-in-srilankaHarris_ruby out from the mine raw



“Haunting and heart-wrenching”

“Haunting and heart-wrenching…The powerful story packs such a punch that it will stay with the reader long after turning the final page.”

This thoughtful review for THE ROAD TO RANGOON from Novelicious has made my day! It’s a joy to hear you’ve taken a reader so far outside their comfort zone yet come up trumps. Thanks to them for taking the time to read and feature. Always appreciated.


Congratulation, Myanmar.

It has been an historic week in Myanmar, where THE ROAD TO RANGOON is set. The first free, fair and transparent elections in decades have taken place and Aung San Suu Kyi’s party, the National League for Democracy, have won a landslide victory. It’s a remarkable achievement given the government’s long history of dictatorship and brutality, and the fact that Suu Kyi herself spent 15 years under house arrest for opposing them.

Well done voters for being brave. Here’s to hoping it stays as good as it seems.