Beautiful, crumbling Rangoon

by lucycruickshanks

So how do you fancy popping here for your local Post Office?!

The chapter I’m writing today takes place in Rangoon (now Yangon), the former capital of Burma (now Myanmar) and these gorgeous historical photographs caught my imagination.

The British arrived in Burma in the 1850s, taking the busy port from a “small, swampy, scattered settlement… to an expression of the order and prosperity of colonial rule.” When I visited, I was struck by the majesty of the city. It has rich, turbulent history – as does all of Burma – but it somehow retains a regal confidence, and a sense of proud, enduring calm.

These beautiful buildings embody this for me. They’ve survived world wars, earthquakes and cyclones, yet are now succumbing to a deadly combination of neglect and indifference. It would be such a shame if the government left them to disappear.

These photos (and more) and discussion at Asian Art: Conserving Old Rangoon.

4 Old GPO 19001 Secretariat (Whiteaway) 6 Mogul Masjid