Thriller writers and sinister cats.

by lucycruickshanks

Rumour has it that today is World Cat Day, and since what’s the internet really for if not sharing cat pictures, here’s a photo of one of my very favourite authors, Patricia Highsmith, and her cat, both being distracted by the sound of someone opening a tin of sardines somewhere off screen. There’s also a photo of my own little friend, Fluffypaws, who whilst not looking overtly sinister here, is making it clear in no uncertain terms that the synopsis of my Book 3 needs a little more work.

Haven’t read any Highsmith? Love a gut-twisting dollop of suspense, some stylish prose and an utterly despicable protagonist or two? ME TOO. Try starting with my favourite of all of her novels, Strangers on a Train.

Happy Friday, Readers and Cats!

wpid-tumblr_mfxb39ndzn1qd9a66o1_400.jpg     strangers


(Credit: @Foyles Bookshops)