Lucy Cruickshanks

Author of THE TRADER OF SAIGON (2013) and THE ROAD TO RANGOON (September 2015). Published by Quercus.

Month: August, 2014

Editing, editing, editing…

Notes back, work to do, and I’m getting in the mood again with toast, a steaming cup of green tea from my travels in Burma and a trip down memory lane. Let the inspiration flow! Happy Monday.



Thriller writers and sinister cats.

Rumour has it that today is World Cat Day, and since what’s the internet really for if not sharing cat pictures, here’s a photo of one of my very favourite authors, Patricia Highsmith, and her cat, both being distracted by the sound of someone opening a tin of sardines somewhere off screen. There’s also a photo of my own little friend, Fluffypaws, who whilst not looking overtly sinister here, is making it clear in no uncertain terms that the synopsis of my Book 3 needs a little more work.

Haven’t read any Highsmith? Love a gut-twisting dollop of suspense, some stylish prose and an utterly despicable protagonist or two? ME TOO. Try starting with my favourite of all of her novels, Strangers on a Train.

Happy Friday, Readers and Cats!

wpid-tumblr_mfxb39ndzn1qd9a66o1_400.jpg     strangers


(Credit: @Foyles Bookshops)



Where in the world…

So whilst I’m waiting for my publisher’s editorial notes on Book 2, my Book 3 plotting and scheming has begun. New characters are starting to wave from the horizon and stories are starting to circle overhead, but does anyone have any ideas where and when I’m heading next??!

Love this bit!


(Image: Traveljunkie’s World Tour)